Here Comes Sinus Season

Okay, many people have been suffering with sinus problems and misery during earlier parts of this year with late winter colds, spring and fall allergies. But now, the official cold and flu season is upon us in full swing. The solution for millions of people is to load up on over-the-counter medications and decongestants, or to make a trip to the doctor and be prescribed a nasty round of harsh antibiotics that do little good toward killing the sinus infection itself, but go a hefty route toward destroying the body’s natural defense mechanisms and friendly bacteria. It is a maddening and circular chase we find ourselves in because as soon as the antibiotics go in our bodies, we are killing off our ability to naturally fight bacteria that invades while at the same time causing ourselves to become immune to any medications that we might really need in the future.

Is there a solution? Yes, there is! It’s called sinus irrigation. No, not saline sprays. Saline sprays are useful to prevent sinus problems, but not so much when you already have a compact sinus issue or congestion that often leads to infection. Throw away all your conventional ideas about treating sinus infections and headaches with Afrin, Sudafed, or Amoxicillin. Now you can purchase an over-the-counter product like Sinu-Cleanse that wil allow you to actually irrigate your sinuses with a convenient pot, packets of salt and baking soda, and warm water. There are other equivalent products put out by other companies that work just as well, and they are sold in drug and grocery stores around the country. When I went to the store to purchase mine, I was in utter misery and desperate for relief. The pharmacist told me they practically could not keep the stuff stocked in their store. And it doesn’t matter whether you have a full-blown sinus infection or you are just starting down the road to major congestion, these sinus pots and packets of salt/baking soda will do the job. If you are already compacted, it may take longer for you to get your sinuses fully unblocked, but you will receive instant relief the first time you administer the mixture into your nostrils. The irrigation technique allows you to introduce a healing mixture of moisture and saline/baking soda into your sinus cavity that literally does the trick that many antibiotics simply cannot. And best of all, it’s completely natural.

For more information about how Sinu-Cleanse (the product I’ve personally used with complete success and recommend) works and what it does, visit the Sinu-Cleanse web site. For information on the Neti Pot, visit the Health and Yoga site to learn about this revolutionary and very ancient healing technique that is used with saline irrigation.

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    This is an excellent post and RIGHT ON THE MARK. I would point out that nasal sprays that work locally to decrease inflammation of the nasal passages and sinuses (Flonase, Nasonex, etc) force these tissues to do the opposite of what they were meant to do–drainage!

    There is also a technique that a select few chiropractors have trained to do called the Endonasal technique. This was first patenteed in 1928, and was used extensively in the pre-antibiotic age by ENT specialists as well as holistic practiitioners (chiropractors, old-school osteopaths, naprapaths). It is officially called a “balloon catheter sinusotomy,” and recent research reports (circa 2007–references available) have found it to be both safe and effective. Since the famous Dr OZ has mentioned the NettiPot, there has been much interest in a natural approach to this common problem.

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    […] country for over 80 years.  As I was researching to write this post, I came across an excellent article on the topic, which does an excellent job reviewing nasal irrigation.  I recommend and personally […]

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