Agriculture Society was created to support the idea that we can live in a sustainable, truly organic, and environmentally-safe world where our living habits work in accordance with nature through the promotion of ecologically sound choices and actions. The food we consume, the items we use in everyday life, and our habits can come from and be centered around a healthy, agricultural environment. By embracing these actions, we can create and maintain a healthier world.

AS firmly believes in promoting a natural, agricultural model of living while depending less and less on industrial, profit-driven ways of existence.  This philosophy does not dismiss technology, but rather seeks to find ways to employ technology efficiently in the most progressive, natural methods possible to further our goals of living in accordance with nature.

Our intent is to bring useful and timely information to local and wider communities about better nutrition and health through traditional foods, complimentary and alternative medicine, and sustainable living.  Our goals are:

Welcome to a better way and a healthier future!

AS’s ultimate purpose is to contribute to and expand upon existing bodies of knowledge revealing how industrialized activities and the actions of many in modern society have seriously damaged the environment, ecosystems, and the health of humankind. We want to make a difference and contribute decisive resources with which to change the future and alter current ways of thinking about our health, nature, and technology.

On these pages you will find topics about:

and much more about helping you out of the processed, refined world and into something more natural and healthful.


Hello! My name is Raine Saunders. I’m the managing editor and consumer health writer for AS, Nutritional Wellness Planner and Educator living in Boise, Idaho. I have taught nutritional education at the Treasure Valley Downtown YMCA, organized an initiative for reform in school lunch menus in the Treasure Valley, have spoken about real, traditional foods at various nutrition and health events, and have also served as a volunteer to educate the public at various public events about traditional foods using Weston A. Price educational materials and models .

I earned my B.A. in Communication from Boise State University. After working in the technology industry for over ten years as a technical writer, editor, and web designer, I gained an interest in health and nutrition due to personal health issues. As a result of these issues and out of a desire to provide assistance to others and educate the public, I developed this resource site.

I am a wife, mother, and full-time home-schooling parent of my 9-year old son Tristan. I feel very blessed to be able to provide my son with not only an excellent, loving, and supportive academic environment, but also that he is not exposed to unhealthy food choices everyday in the public school setting.

Everything I do on this site is as a result of wanting to maintain the health of myself and my family. I want my son to have the best foundation for health possible – especially since my husband and I  never had that growing up. My concern for my own family extends to that of others, and I finally feel like I am doing what I was supposed to in this life – helping others to learn about the wonderful ways of eating for better health, and sustainable living in various aspects whether it be through the use of alternative energy, consuming less, supporting merchants or food producers who use ethical and conscionable methods in their products, or growing our own food.

I believe fats, protein, and cholesterol from clean animal sources are not only delicious but essential to good health – especially for that of development in children and infants. Our brains are almost completely comprised of fat, so its no wonder we require it for good health. This is particularly true in the case of young children. Just think of all the problems children face in modern life – a rise in Diabetes, ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, and many others. So many of these can be solved with proper nutrition. And aren’t our kids worth it?

Many of the principles on this web site are from things I learned from a fantastic organization, The Weston A. Price Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to educating the public about the importance of traditional diets around the world, and how they profoundly affect human health. Above all, their efforts are dedicated to sustainability, activism, and education. Because those things are important to me too, this organization receives my full endorsement and support.

Continually in the process of conducting extensive research in the fields of health and nutrition, careful attention is paid to methodologies, sources, results, and peer-review. I have over ten years experience with health research, but I am always learning new things and welcome the opportunity to discover a new piece of knowledge that will enable me to share with others.

I also spent over six years in my local underground music/artistic community, and worked as an event organizer and show promoter. My web site, NightSpun was a resource for show and event listings during that time. I have spent the last 20 plus years designing and creating jewelry, and have sold various pieces along the way. Soon, NightSpun will become home to my jewelry designs.

I am available for consultations, speaking engagements, and classes. To schedule a consultation, please see the Contact link on the front page of this site for more information.

The information found here is based on research with individuals, scientific literature, and experiences that are both personal and observational. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any illness or condition, but it is my sincere hope that you can use what you find here to make smart decisions about your health, nutritional choices, and well-being.

My philosophy does not dismiss the ability of modern medicine to solve health problems. I believe that allopathic philosophy relies too heavily on prescription medication and surgical procedures for health solutions without considering significant factors such as nutrition, environment, and alternative or natural treatments.

It is my hope that Agriculture Society promotes sound nutritional advice and successful preventative and curative methodologies not commonly utilized or acknowledged by modern Western practices.

Agriculture Society always welcomes comments, contributions, and suggestions.

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    […] Raine Saunders does excellent research and writing in the field of eating food that is organic, nutrient dense that is nothing but healthy for you. She stays abreast of what is happening politically and writes about it and much more. I have Agriculture Society on my side bar in RSS Feed and categories. If you haven’t been to her site yet. I recommend going there then book marking it or add it to your own blog. She posts nearly daily. […]

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